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Episode 6 – Preparing Your Snowmobile Trailer For The Season – With Brad Mastin From North Port Trailers

Preparing Your Snowmobile TrailerBelieve it or not one of the most overlooked preparations when getting ready for your snowmobile season isn’t  finding all of the restrooms along your routes.  It is actually getting your snowmobile trailer ready for that first trip.  Many people just stash their trailer behind the shed, out of sight and out of mind.  Fortunately, we were able to catch Brad Mastin from North Port Trailers and he reminds us what we should be doing to ensure a trouble free experience during our next trip.  All of this and more, on this weeks #OntarioSnowmobiler.ca podcast episode number 6, Preparing Your Snowmobile Trailer For The Season – With Brad Mastin From North Port Trailers.




Introduction of Show


Listener Question Of the Week

  • Question of the week is from Kevin Mally who posted on the OntarioSnowmobiler.ca Facebook Page
  • https://www.facebook.com/OntarioSnowmobiler.ca
  • Kevin asks “I was putting together my survival kit for my new sled and was wondering what others carry with them to either fix something on the trail or worst case survive until help arrives?”
  • Paul’s list includes
    • Tow rope
    • Leatherman multi-tool
    • Water
    • Extra goggles
    • Hot Hands (Glove warmers)
    • Spare Snowmobile belt
    • Extra Spark Plugs
    • Maps and Trail Guides
    • Compass
    • GPS Unit
    • Cell Phone
    • Waterproof Matches
    • Ice Picks (just in case you go through open water)
    • Toilet paper (just in case you can’t make it any further)
    • Shovel
    • Granola bars or some type of energy bar
    • Spare gloves and socks
    • Hatchet
    • Smalll bow saw
    • Most importantly a first aid kit which could contain
      • scissors (ideally, stainless steel blunt blades)
      • splinter forceps
      • wound closure strips
      • gauze & tape
      • antibiotic ointment
      • antiseptic wipes
      • rubbing alcohol
      • latex or preferably a type of glove
  • Krusty also carries
    • A toque (hat)
    • an adjustable  wrench
    • and some Allan Keys
  • Brad adds that he likes to bring Mechanics Wire, wire (zip) ties and a flashlight
  • Keep the questions coming!
  • info@ontariosnowmobiler.ca
  • Our Facebook Page
  • Thanks again to Kevin for his question


Weather Report

  • Muskoka, Perry Sounds and Kawartha Lake recived a large arctic air mass for some of those areas
  • Snow Squall Watches were issued
  • 15cm of snow was received in South Muskoka
  • Warm weather is gone and below zero is in the long range!



  • Ice Safety
    • Report of person going through the ice on Lake Scugog
  • Please remember…
  • At least 4 Inches are recommended to walk on
  • At least 5 Inches of ice are required for a Snowmobile
  • At least 8 to 12 Inches of ice are required for a car
  • Look for clear hard Ice!
  • Snow acts as an insulation and prevents further thickening
  • Avoid creeks, Streams and moving waters as they take longer to freeze


Trail Conditions



  • Reminder for driver training and how to get there.
  • Visit the OFSC Website and click on the Getting Started tab.
  • Re-occurring Ride:
  • Christmas Dinners
  • December 16th, OFSC District 2’s Old Hastings Snow Riders @ clubhouse in L’Amable, located at 26456 Hwy 62 which is just south of Bancroft. Pot Luck Dinner begins at 6:00 and you can get more info by calling 613-332-6125
  • The K&P Snow Trails Club from District One are having their Christmas Dinner and Social onDecember 21st. Dinner starts at 6:00 and the location is 1106 Gemmill’s road in Mississippi Station. Please call 613-278-2022 for more details.
  • Full info available on the OntarioSnowmobiler.ca
  • Send your event to: events@OntarioSnowmobiler.ca


Commercial Break


Snowmobile Trailers

  • Brad works for North Port Trailers
  • Brad says suggests checking the following on your snowmobile trailer as part of your fall trailer preperations
    • tires are the most important thing to check on a snowmobile trailer
    • He says that the tire pressure can change and that weather can wear them
    • Barrings are also important to check and grease, also check seals for grease that may leak
    • Lights are also important to check and go over on your snowmobile trailer
    • Lighting wires get green and corrode over time
    • Also make sure the ground wire is secure and not corroded.
    • Same happens with LED Lights as well.
  • Things to think about when on your trip
    • LED lights take about %75 less amps to lights.
    • LED lights make no heat and will not melt snow because they make no heat, check often during your drive.
    • It is the law to cross the chains on your trailer as it will hold the trailer up if it were to come disconnected.
    • Don’t twist the chains too much because then it reduces the purpose.
    • Always tie down your Sled!
    • Don’t use bungee cords!
    • Use Ratchet Straps.
  • Brad Talks about proper tie down.
  • He also talks about inline versus side by side trailers
  • Brad discribes the different types of snowmobile trailers
  • You can use rust remover on your trailer to remove and prevent rust on hinges ect
  • Brad says that North Port has new and used snowmobile trailers and says to look at the welds and coupler points
  • He says to also look at the bolts, lights and any moving parts and make sure you have a spare tire


Contact info for North Port Snowmobile Trailers


Next Week’s Show

  • Next week we will discuss “Ride the 8 Loop” from the OFSC District 8 Area


Thanks to Brad once again and as always all of our listeners.


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Show notes provided by Blake Schfofield

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