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Our first official media attention


Stay in the Loop this Snow Season—Ontario Snowmobiler Launches New Podcast   Our first official media attention! The guys over at NorthernOntario.travel heard about what we were working on and called us up to get the inside scoop. I encourage everyone to check it out. #ontariosnowtrails http://northernontario.travel/snowmobiling/ontariosnowmobiler-podcast-launch

Indiegogo Funding Campaign Launched

It’s official!  As we begin to see the first few signs of snowfall throughout the province today, we are also excited to announce the official launch of our Indiegogo Funding campaign!   http://igg.me/at/OntarioSnowmobiler/x/5089310   We have plenty of rewards including stickers and T-Shirts to thank everyone who supports our campaign.   I would like to […]

Getting Started

Thanks for visiting, we are still trying to get everything ready for an official launch, but we can say that we are extremely excited to announce that we are trying to put together a podcast (internet radio show) with the intent to discuss current news and events interesting snowmobilers in both Ontario and throughout the […]

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